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Competition Terms and Conditions

**Terms & Conditions**


1. **Eligibility**: The competition is open to anyone with a flair for creativity, regardless of experience or technique. Whether you're a stick-figure specialist or a virtuoso of the visual arts, we want to see what you can bring to the canvas!


2. **Liability**: Participants enter at their own risk. Watertite accepts no responsibility for any damages or injuries that occur as a result of participation in the competition. That said, we know it's a bit comical to even consider the notion of danger when the weapons of choice are paintbrushes and pastels. But beware, paper edges are sharp and unassuming, and rogue glitter is not to be underestimated – remember, safety goggles are optional but not provided!


3. **Submission**: Entries must be your own original work. Submissions are limited to one masterpiece per participant. If you're considering creating a life-sized sculpture of your cat using mixed media, remember to measure your doorways first.


4. **Judging**: The judging panel will consist of art enthusiasts and professional critics – none of whom take themselves too seriously. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, and the ability to make the panel smile, chuckle, or ponder the deeper meaning of life for at least three seconds.


5. **Prizes**: Winners will receive accolades and a place in the Watertite Hall of Fame (virtual for now). Runner-ups will not be left empty-handed; a pat on the back is guaranteed, and maybe even a certificate that's perfect for framing or lining your pet's cage.


6. **Intellectual Property**: By entering, you grant Watertite a royalty-free license to display your art in our gallery. However, all other rights remain firmly in your paint-splattered hands. We won't be making t-shirts with your design without asking nicely first.


7. **Deadline**: All entries must be submitted by midnight on the closing date. Late submissions will be admired but not judged – so don't let procrastination be the thief of your potential glory!


8. **Data Protection**: Personal details will be used solely for the purpose of this competition and not shared with any canvas-sniffing third parties.


Remember, art is about expressing yourself and having fun – so let’s keep our egos in check and the band-aids within easy reach. Good luck!

🌟🎨 Watertite Mascot Design Challenge: A Community Call to all Creative Kids! 🎨🌟


Hey Northern Beaches, North Shore, and Hills District families! Watertite is excited to launch an art competition just for you! We're on the hunt for a vibrant mascot, and your child's creativity could be just what we need. It's time to make a splash in the community with imagination and colour!



🖌️ Theme: “Water warrior for Watertite” – think water protection, home care heroes, disaster prevention!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Age Group: Open to children aged 5-15 who live in the Northern Beaches, North Shore, or Hills District. Note: Prize recipients must be available for a local delivery rendezvous to confirm they're the true neighbourhood art stars!


🎁 PRIZES up for grabs!

🥇1st - $200 cash

🥈2nd - $70 cash

🥉3rd - $30 cash


✅ How to Enter:

1. Like our Watertite page! @Watertiteau

2. Parents/Guardians, help your little artist create their mascot masterpiece.

3. Share the artwork on YOUR Facebook page.

4. Tag @Watertiteau in the post so we can see your entry.

5. Use the hashtag #WatertiteArtChallenge.


Make sure the privacy settings for the post allow for public viewing!


💙 Let your kids' artistic talents represent what Watertite stands for – strong, smart, and secure homes!


🏆 Winners will be featured on our Facebook page and have the honour of becoming the face of Watertite in our upcoming campaigns!


⏳ Deadline: Entries close March 15th at 1pm.


Full T&Cs available on our Facebook Page [or website link].


Start spreading the news and begin drawing! We can't wait to see your entries. Happy creating! 🖼️💧


#WatertiteMascot #CreativeKids #CommunityArt #FamilyFun #NorthernBeachesKids #NorthShoreYouth #HillsDistrictHeroes #WatertiteArtChallenge


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