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Watertite is the most cost effective solution to stop those leaking showers and balconies.

We provided re-grout and waterproofing solutions for both household and commercial customers.



Who are we?
Watertite is a Sydney based company that specializes in the repair of leaking showers and balconies without the removal of tiles. Using our revolutionary two-part epoxy TITEgrout and our movement resistance TITEflex with up to 25% elasticity, we can confidently offer a 25 year product warranty*.

What we do
Watertite strips your shower back to basics, leaving nothings but the tiles. Unlike other most companies we remove ALL grout and silicone floor to ceiling from the inside of the shower. After this process is complete our we reapply with our fresh new watertite products. Leaving your shower looking a million dollars and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Areas we service:


  • Northern Beaches Sydney

  • North Shore Sydney

Superior adhesion to mortar, grout and metals. As this product does not lift at the edges and adheres so well to cement and grout - dirt, mould and fungus will not become trapped in the silicone.  As a result leaving a tite, mould free seal.

Two part acid-resistant industrial standard epoxy grout. Stain-free, water cleanable 100% solid epoxi mortar.

High elasticity, mould resistant swimming pool standard silicone. being up to 25% movement resistant, this product is perfect for balconies and showers and can even withstand minor building movement... one of the leading causes of leaks. 

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