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Leaking Balcony Repairs

A leaking balcony can be a big problem. Leaking balconies can damage the balcony structure and load-bearing external walls, particularly in multi level homes where water ingress is a major concern.


The balcony structure itself can be affected, leading to sagging and leaking which can cause serious structural damage. If you think that your balcony may be leaking, or you need any other types of balcony repairs, Watertite is here to help. Get the details about our services below.

The Most Common Causes Of Leaking Balconies


There are many reasons that a balcony may start to leak. Here are a few of them.


●     Waterproof membrane failure – Balcony waterproof systems usually involve the application of a waterproof membrane system. If these waterproof systems are not installed correctly, and have folds, tears, or other defects, they may cause water leaks. The original builder may also not have installed the correct membrane, leading to shrinking or inadequate coverage which cause water leaks.


●     Inadequate tiling and grouting – Balcony membranes are the second line of defense when it comes to balconies and waterproofing. Ideally, you will have properly-installed tiles with epoxy grout, which provides a strong barrier against the elements.

If your tile grout fails, or the tiles are not properly placed, stagnant water can end up underneath the tiles, on top of the balcony membranes. If you suspect a leak, removing tiles and seeing water underneath them is a sure sign of improper grouting and tiling.


●     Structural building movement – Even the most well-constructed buildings go through expansions and contractions due to heat, cold, humidity, weather, and a number of other natural factors. Balcony leaks are commonly caused by these problems, which can cause drainage issues, or lead to a shifting in the tiles or waterproofing membrane. Not all movement is bad, but balcony and bathroom leaks can be dangerous.

Leaing Balcony Repairs by Watertite
Leaing Balcony Repairs by Watertite

We Fix All Leaking Balconies –

Without Removing Your Tiles!


Retiling and restoring a balcony can be extremely expensive, and the cost effectiveness of doing so is quite low. That’s why our company focuses on high-quality leaking balcony repairs and restorations – without tile removal!


Our process is simple. We remove old grout and silicone without removing your tiles, and inject them with a top-quality epoxy grouting and silicone blend. After this, we clean and restore your tiles – leaving your balcony looking beautiful and brand-new.


With hassle-free service and reliable, professional technicians, we’re the best choice for balcony repairs in the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney!


Get A Free Quote Now!


If you’re in need of professional tile restoration and balcony repair services, there is no better choice than Watertite. Waterproofing is our specialty, and no project is too big – or too small.


If you’re interested in our services, contact us right away. We would be happy to give you a free quote, and learn more about your particular needs. There’s no commitment – and with our reasonable prices, you’ll get top-notch service that you can easily afford.

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